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Marine Peace Society was founded by Syed Aziz Agha in 2010.

Syed Aziz Agha is a sport fishing promoter, a saltwater fishing guide, environmentalist, photographer, freelance journalist and writer, all rolled into one.

Marine Peace is an organization that works to protect and promote the marine environment of Pakistan. Initially established in 1985 in Karachi as Agha’s Sportfishing (headquarters of saltwater sportfishing in Pakistan) with the prime purpose of promoting sea fishing in the country.


Over the course of the last 25 years, Marine Peace has evolved into a national organization catering to a broad spectrum of activities aiming towards awareness and protection of marine environment in Pakistan.


Mission statement


Marine peace’s objectives are founded on the belief that the entire marine environment along with its wealth, that is, its habitants, game fish species and related food chain are economic, social, recreational and aesthetic assets, which must be conserved, protected, promoted, wisely used and perpetuated.


Through activities such as water sports, that have important recreational, social and economic benefits about which the public must be educated to pursue in a manner consistent with sound sporting, ethical and conservation practices.


  1. To boost the country’s economy through the promotion of healthy marine sports and recreation, more especially saltwater fishing, pleasure boating and snorkeling.

  2. To create public awareness to enjoy the many pleasures and bounties that the Arabian Sea holds, to bring people outdoors, close to “Mother Nature”, to discover marine Pakistan.

  3. To augment Pakistan’s international image by building the proper infrastructure to establish angling tourism for both local and foreign tourists.

  4. To educate our citizens to learn and understand, to conserve and protect our rich marine life and eco system.

  5. To develop a culture to experience and appreciate marine sport and heritage.

  6. To get Pakistan established and recognized as a saltwater fishing destination.

  7. To catch and release all fish that will not be consumed as food.




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