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Annual Marine Gala

  1. A one-day annual event open to the public.

  2. Initiated in 2008 as a forum to educate the public on the various aspects of marine life.

  3. 5000+ participants visited in 2013.

  4. To create awareness about the holistic value that marine life provides in terms of security, food, enjoyment and the dangers that it can pose.

  5. Facilitated by setting up stalls of WWF, Whale & Dolphin Society, Scuba Diving, etc.

  6. Sequence of events:

  • Fishing competition at Mubarak village in the morning.

  • The Marine Life Gala in the afternoon with puppet show, free boating, etc.


Marine Peace Activities

  1. Beach Cleaning (Sea View or elsewhere) with school children.

  2. Participants get to know the importance of this beach, the role of marine life and the need to conserve.

  3. Eco Tourism (tour of the Mangroves) with school students.

  4. Participants are acquainted with the mangrove forests of Pakistan, the importance of this ecosystem and the various threats to it. This activity includes study of a mangrove tree, its root system and associated fauna.

  5. Planting Mangroves (co-ordinate with WWF)

  6. Seed collection and nursery development: August – September

  7. Transplantation of wildlings: Throughout the year

  8. Transplantation of saplings from nursery: December – March

  9. Marine Slide Presentation, Educational posters for schools.

  10. Guided tour of fishing villages – Mubarak village, Manjhar village

  11. Guided tour of Mekran coastal highway

  12. Educational Brooklets on:

  • Marine Conservation

  • Marine Pollution

  • Life Safety

  • Pakistan’s Marine Life

  • Marine fishes of Pakistan

  • ABC of fishing for kids

  • ABC of diving for kids

  • Sea shells of Pakistan

  • Game-fishes of the Arabian Sea

  • Marine recipes from Pakistan

  • Delicacies from the Arabian Sea

  • Sea mammals of Pakistan for kids





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